Thursday, November 27, 2014

Put a plaster on your wound

(Don’t know… Does it work? How?)

How can I possibly stop that big stone ball that’s moving inside myself… Guess I can’t, I’ll have to redirect it… ;)

I do have a lot to do, so maybe, just maybe, I can start fixing my, say, professional life, and I’ll go back to the personal side later on… Is that right?
However, after such a long time, I know now I won’t let some things happen again. Or… I’ll try not to… And there’s a lot I can do to make things easier, in fact. I want to learn how to communicate effectively (this headline could be taken from a fucking youtube video… whatever…) and I can be respectful and patient. Yeah, whatever again.  
See? I’m willing…

I’m willing… and I’m willing to do so many other things, too… That might be a little problem. 

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