Friday, June 26, 2015

another saturday night

I felt so tired that I just laid down and fall asleep within seconds. I felt the door opening, and smelled her close and felt her eyes fixed on my hair, like in a dream. Her uneasiness, her breathing. I turned my head and opened my eyes just a little bit. Wasn’t sure whether I was really dreaming. She was there, and I smiled and closed my eyes again. I really was very tired. She sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me, grabbing her hands like trying to keep them under control. I curled up around her body, my head on one side, my knees on the other, and she breathed deeply and released her hands and relaxed…

I dreamt of her caressing, kissing me and we making love close to the sea, sounds of waves and all incorporated, and then woke again, maybe two or three minutes had elapsed but it felt like much more and I fondled her back slightly… after all, we had just had sex so it was like natural. Her eyes smiled.

I turned, facing up, giving her space, just in case. She run a finger between my breasts and I trembled. I felt her confidence then, her playful smile, her steady hands… and it was I who trembled. 

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