Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Half-moon eyes

This week-end’s been great, simply great.

Getting my present back =) is always charming and sweet, and then going to the seashore (are we there yet? is it far? but very very far? are we there yet? and now? are we there now?) and watching him bath, jump, play, jump, lie down, jump again, let’s make a castle, let’s make a mountain, let’s make a bridge, let’s put some alligators in there, let’s break it all, i want to go sleep now, mom, rubbing his itchy reddish eyes full of salty water... cover me with the towel, please... Are we going to the swimming pool yet?

Frantic activity full of smiles and laughs, half-moon eyes, little hands extended, wait a moment, i’m going down to the swimming pool but will be back in a second, just wait a moment (??!! NOOO, u’re NOT going down by yourself!!). And then, exhausted, the little wolf song, mom, now the one of the train, and Mary Poppins, ok?

This week-end’s been great, absolutely great.

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