Monday, July 19, 2010

Should i stay or should i go

‘Tis always hard to say bye, more if u don’t want to, even more if neither of u do. U keep thinking that’s the way it is, u knew from the beginning, anyway it was not gonna work, it never does. U keep telling yourself that’s the right thing to do, we’ll see, who knows, life gives you surprises from time to time. But it is hard to say bye.

That's all about today... Mondays suck, that’s what i can say about it. After a great week-end here it comes, right across your face: reality. While going down to earth yesterday and listening to the long-forgotten music i happened to have in my car, i was feeling very sad.

It’s being long, huh? Can’t help it, just can’t... I’m not gonna say i had loads of things to do, because it is definitely not true, at all. It goes more like i don’t feel like doing anything, not even thinking. I’m going to keep going and let’s see where it takes.

I had two friends coming from quite far and a bit farther, staying three days and almost one week, not at the same time. Good, innit? Truth is u don’t realise how much u can miss sb till u finally get to meet him/her again; then, when u hug, talk incessantly at first, get quiet and just thoughtful at times, go for a beer, look at each other and all that stuff, that’s when u realise. And the moment they go and u feel how comfortable has felt to have them close...

I went to the beach one day (things-to-do list). Met a guy there, very young, in fact. Well, thing is i’m used to older guys, so everybody else seems so very young... Feels good to know that u may still b attractive for sb young and hot =) mostly when, lately, the only thing i can think of in front of the mirror is how very old i look. I know it’s not exactly true, i know i’m not old at all, and everything, but just can’t help it. Nothing happened but for some kissing and touching here and there. Still, i may go back one day, he even rings from time to time! ;D

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