Friday, May 28, 2010

Good or bad?

Why are men so fucking predictable? And why do i keep playing along? =) Hehe, may be because that’s what i like...

Good guys are not for me, that’s for sure. Some times i actually find myself wondering whether i should just go for a good one. U know, the kind of man that will keep out of problems, be home early and don’t piss me off too much, the good-father type, pretty well organised, good job, good salary, good-looking... ;D
U’d say: no, they don’t exist. Well, in fact they do, i know of some! Ok, they may not fulfil exceedingly well all of the above-mentioned prerequisites, =P and i’m thinking basically of the last one... but, hey, they get close! they are charming...
So, what? So they are just too good, too calm, too gentle and SOFTY... Gosh, i need spices and decision, to be honest. A tiny little bit of harshness, playful and exciting. Can’t help it. And that’s why i like bad boys... preferably with a big bike. U thought i’d say sth different, huh? hahahaha, that’d be a plus.

Not always being like that, though... My first guy was so softy that once i was asked, to my complete amazement, if he was my younger brother. AND he was five years older than myself... I kept asking him to let his goatee grow. Then i left him and went on a trip to the-best-city-in-the-world-for-not-very-long-stays that i know as far. Relieving... My second significant one was also quite heavy to carry... if only he would have carried himself... Anyway, he left me a great present. Now the present and myself live by ourselves and enjoy going to the swimming pool and the park. And the zoo.

The thing is that i just don’t feel attracted by good guys, they don’t turn me on. I even know of one that fucks wonderfully, but then he looks at me making sheep’s eyes and... ooof, hate that!! That’s one of my problems (i have many, by the way); when a man shows a bit of real interest, i just feel like running away, maybe even shouting for help... I’d prefer those hungry eyes of the song, much more suggestive, ;) undressing me...
Guess that excludes good guys...

I like men who don't like me and the other way around: i don't like men who like me.

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