Monday, May 31, 2010

Buy one, get one free

Last Friday i realised that if i didn’t have time to hook up in the traditional way, i should find some other ways to do it. Supermarket? hahaha, NO WAY. Cybersex... wooof, i did try once, because i think that u have to try everything to be able to say whether u like it or not... wooof, definitely not for me. I’m certain it is great for many people, but... that feeling of stillness, not coming or going anywhere ;) is not what i like. Work? Too bad. I already have a problem at work, and that’s so much more than i ought to... Sooo, what’s left? i found myself wondering... And then i got stuck into a traffic jam! what a nice possibility, i thought. Shouldn’t have stayed in the fastest lane. It felt great to be looking around cheerfully instead of cursing all the way back home. That, by the way, was more than one fucking hour and a half. Much more than usual...

So there i was, looking around and singing and not worrying too much about being late ‘cause after all it wouldn’t have helped at all... and then there it was, a huge 4x4 car, with two guys inside... both of them very handsome, in fact. Buy one, get one free =D They were looking at me, so i looked at them mockingly, they smiled and i smiled... But my luck was running out... Shouldn’t have been in the fastest lane. I lost them. Pity. Apart from that, nothing remarkable.

Ah, yeah. And i lost my sunglasses. The very ones that i bought like four days ago. Brilliant!

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