Thursday, May 27, 2010

yes, we can...

Yes we can!

Yes, we can. Today that’s the predominant feeling. Well, ok, that’s absolutely not true, i must say that right now it is, but not so long ago (four, five hours?) something more like Gosh-i-want-to-Please-don’t-let-me!! was planning over me like a big bird, one of those irish crows, big beaks and everything... Needing to send a humiliating text, fortunately i wasn’t by myself. My co-worker and good friend kept my phone away from me.
But right now, as i said, i’m feeling Yes, we can!
Don’t really know why. Nothing’s changed, in fact. N still...

What about my life. If i am to start something like this i’d better put a kind of draft of my life, so that if by chance anybody sees this doesn't think i'm crazy just like that. I certainly am, but i do have my reasons. Maybe not, who cares, anyway.

Shall i start... i know, i was born on a windy autumn day-just joking, don't worry, i'm not that mean.

Ok, i am just me, nobody important, nothing serious. And my problems are just crappy stupid things. Soooo stupid. Everything is sooo stupid. Me, them, everybody, like the song. And everything. We just keep taking turns, don’t we?

Yesterday it was MY day. I went to bed with such a great feeling of foolishness that i didn’t get to sleep properly. But i won’t say why yet, hehe, that would make me feel even more stupid. Because of a guy would be a plain lie, and that’s the fucking point, by the way. It was all my fault. That’s why i kept hitting my head against walls and doors. No i didn’t. My son was asleep, i would have woken him up.

I can start saying that my whole life is a kind of loose end... try to follow it! Here, there and back again. The story of a transitional life in a nutshell. And i’m no daughter of diplomatic. No european school, no pony. I got a dog, though. But she died and then we moved again. Into a depression and back again through high school. Wow, that was crap. And then i went (this time without the nice rolling stone tied to my neck and pulling from ahead) far, far away, to the land where everything is sunny, cheerful and... Nope, it was a bit to the right, so landed on a little village lost and deserted (i wonder why...). One day i put a washing machine and then a storm came to shout at my ear, so i decided it had been more than enough. Took an apple and a bus and went to the centre. The sunny and cheerful part. And there i got a job, a little apartment and that’s all. We all split into two smaller parties and that was the beginning of my adult life, i guess.

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