Monday, October 18, 2010

Strike first

Maybe i was wrong there, maybe somebody should have taught us how to hit. Always strike first, and the hardest the better. If they don’t move again, they won’t hurt you anymore. Like in that book. This is the jungle, baby. And now i wonder what should i tell my son. As far, i stick to the old you shall not hit. The other day there was a little boy, older than mine, playing with a balloon around. He started hitting my son with the balloon, and when my son hit him, i told him that. Don’t hit anybody. But the boy went on hitting him hard (as hard as a balloon can be, it did not hurt him), and he looked at me, half blankly, half helpless, what can i do, he seemed to ask me. I told him not to play with people who hurt him after he’d told them not to do it. Get off them, i said. They’re just stupid. But next time the boy hit him and he hit back, i looked elsewhere and pretended not to have seen anything. Not very coherent, am i? Next time i rose i approached that kid and told him something like never ever hit this boy here, do u hear me? Slightly menacing ^-^ I don’t want my kid to hit, but if i pretend him to come tell me when he’s got a problem, i better show him i actually do something on the matter... besides, i’m a female mammal, mother and everything, what else can be more instinctive that showing my claws? =) After all, you know what being a bit of a lioness is like...

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