Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little stinky

Hey, did i tell u that we are three now?? And i’m not talking about the little ball growing inside me (we shall wait some six months in order to see it grow – what the fuck, don’t they know the longer the easier to name them? and then you’re lost... we shall wait... for what? for it to develop eyes? – And best of all is the assertion: i’m sure you don’t have any symptoms, it’s too small, may be just casual. Yeah, i bet it is). The newcomer is a ferret! Last day i quick-emailed a good friend: hey!! congratulations for your new home! Know what? we have a ferret now! Have to go, xxxx. U know, the kind of thing u do when u have like three spare seconds. His answer was something very similar to: Yeah, u have to come visit. Honey, aren’t ferrets dangerous? hey, i might be mistaken, but... He really seemed worried :) but ferrets are not much more dangerous than cats, in fact. Sharper teeth, yeah, probably. Try to keep your fingers out of their mouth and... solved! =D

It’s sooo very cute, he jumps, runs and hides alternatively, looks back and seems to be about to say can’t catch me, can’t catch me!!! Ok, true, it stinks... But apart from that, c’est génial!!! I’ll put some clothespins next to the door, in case anybody can’t stand it...

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