Monday, June 14, 2010


I read a book the other day. On the back cover there was sth like a brilliant story that makes u feel alive; i love this book; a hymn to life and human values... Bullshit.

I hate happy endings when they don’t go along with the rest of the story. More if those happy endings mean that u have to find sb to share ur fucking lonely life, otherwise u wouldn’t be... what?! Are we just half a sth? What a shitty conclusion... Do we really need to end up with somebody?

In my parallel lives i can be whoever i want wherever i want whenever i want. I was thinking i was left to myself in a deserted island (tropic and heavenly, it’s understood...) with my son and, let’s say, six or seven people, one of them, of course, THE MAN. Sooo conventional... Picture that: tall, dark, deep black eyes, strong, great body and... no bike there, pity... am i sounding too superficial? sorry... he has to be interesting and everything, too, a citizen of the world, sensitive, etc. Ok, now lets say we are there for a while. Then, we would be found, for sure. I mean, not in the wildest waking dream could u think of not being found at the end... nowadays, navigation routes go everywhere, don’t they? But in the meanwhile we even had a child, probably... Sooo... we are found and so what? would we live together? excuse me, but a fucking island is opposite to reality, i mean, where the hell would we establish? there’s no need to answer such a question in that deserted island. On the tree or under it? would be the closest. And then, go back after quite a while and try to live with yourself and your children in an apartment again. No more heavenly island. My parallel lives try to be consistent, u know.

So either i end up in a deserted island and never found or alone. Ok, maybe living in a huge house with many, many rooms and bathrooms and people who'd clean everything and cook, as they are there (hey, well paid, huh?), maybe, just maybe that could help me living with a guy. But i'm not really sure about that. Hehe, i could try living in such a house, though...

Conclusion: the book was crap. A bunch of self-help tips nice enough, not very badly written, easy reading, simple and a bit stupid, but well, who isn't... and at the end... screwed up. Pity. I would have killed the main character. That’s why i’m not a writer, too bloody ;)

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