Monday, June 7, 2010


Do u like puzzles? I don’t.
But they are good for developing, brain stuff and all that crap... Guess who ends up doing them when they are all scattered on the floor? ME. And solving puzzles that are thought for people of about three or four years of age is not really a challenge...

What IS a challenge is to fix a book after my son’d chewed it. A real challenge. I have to say that, in fact, that’s not happened frequently ever since he was 6 months old. But the other day i left him reading a book and when i came back he was actually chewing bits of it. He is old enough to know that's not the best way to use a book, but didn't seem much disturbed, anyway. I think i kind of overreacted at that point. Books are quite sacred for me... Holy shit!! what the hell are u doing?? I may have shouted, my eyes big and fixed. If i had to put 20p every time i swear, i wouldn’t last to the end of the month in a million years. Didn’t add you little rascal because by then i was not rereading Sherlock Holmes yet. Jesus Christ, don’t u see that books tell us stories and... Harmless, they are harmless. I didn’t add that. Just muttered sth like they cry, books, if u hurt them. Kind of dirty play, i know, but couldn’t make up anything better and fast, and a park-mate recently told me his mum used to say that. I just lifted it.

And here i am now, fixing the disaster long weeks later, when the blood’s all dry and hard on the corners. Blood? i meant spit. And i hate puzzles. Besides, try to hold two tiny irregular pieces together, add a third and, on top, some tape. The result is a poem.

And i don’t like analogies, but... well, yeah, ok, i may like them ;)... right now my life is a bit like that: scattered to pieces on the floor, waiting to be fixed and enveloped with adhesive tape. Am i not dramatic?

I still have some more books to fix, so i’ll start there. My life can wait a bit more; it's not that bad, anyway, just like sounding dramatic =)

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  1. ouais, je sais bien que les livres sont sacrés (pour moi aussi) mais t´inquiete pas, ce n´est qu´un gamin et il ne voulait que jouer, peut Êter que détruire qqch parce qu´il était dégouté avec la la même façon que des fois nous, les adultes, avons envie de jeter des trucs par terre ou de casser la guele à qq´un, ces petites en ont besoin aussi, alors prends la situation comme une forme de s´expresser contre la vie!!! ce petit va être un révolutionaire...