Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary had a little lamb

When i was about six we went to a restaurant in a village. Before having lunch, the owner took us to a little back yard and told me, rather “father-christmastly”, choose one, dear! There were plenty of little white lambs, sooo cute, and i said, full of hope, wow, will we take it home, mum?? Obviously, that was not exactly what that guy meant.

I don’t need to say that i didn’t eat but the starters.

This week-end i had a regression. Somebody said we bought five rabbits and when i was about to say wow, five, in less than four months they’ll throw you out of your house! another somebody spoke first (saving my reputation): do you think it’s going to be enough? and when they started talking about weights i finally got it. Pity, i was decided to ask them to give me a little one... I’ll go back to the idea of having a turtle...

I hate Mondays, by the way. I don't understand why they're still in capitals...


  1. qd j´était petite, une fois je suis alle au amrché avec ma mère et elle, toute gentile, m´a acheté un petit canard, tout mignon. Il était minuscule mais à force et à mesure de lui donner à manger, il a grandi et moi avec lui. On avait partagé des grands moments pendant des mois mais un jour il n´était plus là...on m´a dit qu´il était déjà grand et q´il était parti en volant, qqpart. J´ai cru. Ce jour là on a mangé du poulet. Des annés plus tard ma mère a avoué que ce n´était pas du poulet...

  2. That's sad... it's good u didn't realize by then, but thing is u actually ate it!! Excuse me for pouring salt on the wound, but can i ask u sth? did ur parents pluck the duck themselves? Eew!! =)