Saturday, June 5, 2010


I desperately need a GPS. If i still had any doubt about it, everything got solved the other day, when i decided i’d leave for a mall that was supposed to be quite close and never found it. One hour later, i decided to go back home. Sad, isn’t it?

I took a big road, then another one. That was clear enough. Then the promised exit never showed up so i ended up in a lost village too far to be the one... But i tried again, i'm pig-headed. So when i failed for the third time, after trying three different ways that should have taken me there and learning that there was the town’s street fair swh close, i went back home. Nice little outing, huh?

What have we learnt today, kids? NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT A MAP. Googlemaps is helpful, even healthy... There is the town’s street fair in a place close to where i live. That’s always useful information... And i need a fucking GPS. Essential.

This is not the first time, sure. I think the first time may have been the one when my mom and i lost the car. I don't mean in a car park, that's happened many a time. I mean in a little town. Yep. Took us much more than two hours to find it. And we needed help, of course. A policeman kept asking, ma’am, u sure it wasn’t this street? So, ma’am, does this name ring a bell? He seemed to think we where aliens. Green and everything.

Ever since i have been lost so many times in my life that i cannot think of a particular one. Keep mixing thoughts and places. That’s why i need a GPS...

Once i even got lost in a forest. Night came and we couldn't see our own hands. We found a house, not of candy and cake; luckily, the guy there seemed to be more like Father Christmas, long white beard, big wide chest with braces... We where found there by a huge 4x4 with a big floodlight. How embarrassing...

Wonder if a GPS would have been of help...

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